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William Garner freight receipt from the South Side Railroad Co. of L.I., 1868.jpg
Freight receipt for payment of $10.20 made by William Garner, Sr., to the South Side Railroad Co. of L.I. The payment was for shipping 6,788 feet of lumber from Bushwick, Brooklyn, to Ridgewood (present-day Wantagh), N.Y. Note: Garner was a son of…

John C. Birdsall receipt for payment to the Long Island Rail Road, 1839.jpg
Receipt for payment of $28.21 made by John C. Birdsall, at Brooklyn, N.Y., to the Long Island Rail Road. The payment was for the transportation of loads of ash. Note: John C. Birdsall was a partner in a general store in Jerusalem (present-day…

Alexander Campbell house marker, c.1920s.jpg
Alexander Campbell Milk Company house marker and advertisement cow figure. Text on item reads: "Alex. Campbell Milk Company. Standard for 50 Years."

Based in Brooklyn, the company had offices at a number of other locations, including Hempstead…
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