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Great Neck, GI012 .jpg
View of dining room at the Town Club. Printed text (in red ink) on verso reads, “Lester Lanin’s Music for Dancing Nitely (Except Mondays).” Also printed on verso are two reviews from area newspapers. Handwritten message and addressee information also…

Great Neck, GI011.jpg
Image of new banquet room (printed in blue ink) of Club 115. Text on verso provides brief information about the club.

Great Neck, GI009.jpg
Advertising postcard with view of the Belgrave Motors, Inc. automobile dealership. There are a number of cars parked in the lot alongside the building. Typewritten message (in red ink) on verso describes a “Construction Sale” and provides information…

Great Neck, GI010.jpg
Advertising postcard with an exterior view of the Biener Auto Service Corp. building, which has a sign on it that reads, “Biener Pontiac.” Caption on front reads, “One of Long Island’s Largest Automotive Sales and Service Organizations.” Printed…

A photograph showing the backyard of a Santa Fe ranch home in the Saddle Rock Homes development in Great Neck, NY.

Group portrait of the Great Neck Band standing in front of the Commercial Hotel. A member in the back row is holding a banner that reads, "Vigilant Eng. & H. & L. CO. Thomaston, N.Y."

Joseph Birdsall business note from Obediah Jackson, 1766.jpg
Business note from Obe[diah?] Jackson to Joseph Birdsall. In the note, Jackson requests that Birdsall "let the barer [sic] James Dobbin have cloth for shirt and trousers and some tobaco [sic] on my account and youl [sic] oblige your friend." the…
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