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Hempstead Photographs 1-50.jpg
Facsimile of a c. 1902 photograph of the northwest corner of Fulton Avenue and Franklin Street. Pictured is the border of Adam Seabury’s property, which is lined by trees and a fence. Flags are hanging as decorations for the Firemen’s Tournament.

Hempstead Photographs 1-17.jpg
Carman family house, northeast corner of Fulton and Terrace Avenues. Note: The Telephone Exchange building was later built on this site in 1930.

A photograph of a model home located in the Bretton Hills housing development.

A business brochure advertising ranch homes in the Post Acres housing development in Westbury, NY.

A photograph of a single-story brick home with a carport in an unidentified housing development.

A photograph showing the backyard of a Santa Fe ranch home in the Saddle Rock Homes development in Great Neck, NY.

A typewritten document showing home pricing for both civilian and veteran buyers for the Parc View housing development in Hicksville, NY

A promotional postcard advertising the availability of a three-story home in Hempstead, NY for rent.

A photograph of a single story home with carport, possibly located in the Park Garden housing development.

A NY State Real Estate Broker's license issued to John H. Strang from Wantagh, NY in 1927
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