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Hempstead, HH023.jpg
View looking down Greenwich St., which is lined by trees on both sides and houses on the right. (B&W)

Hempstead Block-by-Block Photographs 2-18.jpg
View of The Ranger restaurant, on southwest corner of Greenwich and Front Streets (as seen from across Greenwich St.)

Hempstead Block-by-Block Photographs 2-21.jpg
View of Red Top Tavern (at left) and Chanin & Chanin Law Offices, west side of Greenwich St., between Prospect and Front Streets.

Hempstead Photographs 1-40.jpg
Intersection of Front and Greenwich Streets. Businesses pictured include Island Appliance Co., Bargain Bin, The Nor-wood Company, Inc. (office furniture and supplies), a pawnbroker’s shop, and a liquor store.

Hempstead Photographs 1-42.jpg
Facsimile of a c.1910s photograph of The Lawn Mower Shop (Stevens? & Salzi) and unidentified businesses, possibly on Greenwich Street. A sign on one building reads: “For Particulars of this Property – W.A. Browne Real Estate. 30 Main Street.”

Hempstead Photographs 1-55.jpg
Exterior view of The Ranger restaurant, on southwest corner of Greenwich and Front Streets, as seen from diagonally across Front Street. Also pictured are Schaller & Weber and Hennig’s Bake Shop.

Hempstead Photographs 1-61.jpg
Facsimile of a c.1900s photograph of the southeast corner of Front and Greenwich Streets. Pictured are the Hempstead Inquirer building and several other buildings.
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