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Joseph Birdsall business note from John Birdsall, 1773.jpg
Business note in which John Birdsall requests that Joseph Birdsall "please to credit the baroer [bearer] William Pidgon to the value of Seven Shillings & Eleven pence & I will see you paid." Note: Birdsall owned a general store in Jerusalem…

Capt. John Birdsall receipt, 1750.jpg
Receipt for payment of ten pounds, four shillings and eight pence, made by Capt. John Birdsall to Lazarus Horton on behalf of William and Benjamin Hawxhurst. Location written at the top of the receipt was Oyster Bay. Note: Birdsall was a resident of…

Capt. John Birdsall receipt for purchase of shingles, 1735.jpg
Receipt for payment of sixteen pounds and fifteen shillings made by Capt. John Birdsall to Joseph Dennis for the purchase of three thousand shingles. Birdsall was a resident of Jerusalem (present-day Wantagh), N.Y.
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