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John Jackson promise to pay to Capt. Gilbert Colden Willett-1, 1780.jpg
Promise to pay note in the amount of sixty pounds from John Jackson to Captain Gilbert Colden Willett. A notation on the bottom of the note states that the full amount was received from Joseph Birdsall of Jerusalem (present-day Wantagh) on…

Joseph Birdsall business note from George Hewlett, 1766 .jpg
Business note from George Hewlett to Joseph Birdsall. In the note, Hewlett requests that Birdsall "let John Jackson have some trimming for a sute [sic] of cloase [sic] upon my account."

John C. Birdsall bill for purchase of sundries by John Jackson, 1830.pdf
John C. Birdsall bill for purchase of "Sundries Articles" by John Jackson. Note: John C. Birdsall was a partner in a general store in Jerusalem (present-day Wantagh), N.Y.

May 31, 1831 December 8, 1832
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