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Long Island Photograph Collection 9-19.jpg
Aerial view of the Long Beach Bridge, looking north.

Long Beach, LN011.jpg
View of the Long Beach Bridge over Reynolds Channel connecting Long Beach and Island Park. Message and addressee information, both handwritten, on verso. Also on verso is printed text that gives a brief description of Long Beach. Note: Opened in…

A photograph showing five construction workers preparing to place forms in pier #7 of the Long Beach Bridge during construction.

A photograph showing four construction workers pouring concrete inside pier #5 of the Long Beach Bridge during construction.

A photograph showing construction workers riveting steel girders into place during the construction of span #12 of the Long Beach Bridge.

A photograph showing two construction workers standing by pier #4 of the Long Beach Bridge as the cofferdam around it is being removed.

A photograph showing a construction working standing at the base of Long Beach Bridge's pier #9 during the removal of its cofferdam.

A photograph showing a pile driver driving steel piles into the ground at the Long Beach Bridge site during its construction.
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