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Long Beach, LN032.jpg
Image of a row of Old English shops on Block 116 as they would look after construction was completed. (Color)

Long Beach, LN031.jpg
Exterior view of Lum Fong’s Casino. Printed text on verso reads: “Lum Fong’s Casino. Chinese and American Restaurant. Long Beach Blvd. & East Park Ave. Long Beach, N.Y. Branch of 220 Canal Street, New York City.” Message and addressee information,…

Long Beach, LN030.jpg
View of the Ingraham Building, with an ornately decorated fountain in the foreground. Annotation on verso reads, “Aug 9 – 1919.” (B&W)

Long Beach, LN029.jpg
View of the Chateau des Tourelles, with a number of people on the sidewalk in front. Message and addressee information, both handwritten, on verso. (B&W)

Long Beach, LN028.jpg
View of a large crowd of people walking on the boardwalk. The Hotel Nassau is pictured at right. (B&W)

Members of the NYLTA playing tug-of-war at an event held at Long Beach, NY, on August 11, 1926.

A group photo of a NYLTA event held at Long Beach, NY, on August 11, 1926.

A photograph of a finished wood hull boat with awning afloat at Long Beach.

A photograph showing the length of the Long Beach Bridge while it was under construction, looking at it toward the east.
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