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John C. Birdsall, bill for sawing planks, 1798.jpg
Bill for 2 shillings owed to John C. Birdsall for sawing boards for George Balden. Note: Birdsall, who lived in Jerusalem (present-day Wantagh), ran a general store and had an interest in a saw mill.

A program from the NYLTA Club's 17th annual Christmas Party held at the Hotel Astor in 1937.

A program from the NYLTA Club's 60th anniversary Christmas Party held at the Oxford Room at the Warwick Hotel in 1980.

A program from the NYLTA Club's 50th anniversary Christmas Party held at Olympia Room at the Hotel Manhattan in 1970.

A flip-page calendar-style roster containing lists of members, officers, and committees in the New York Lumber Trade Association for the year 1926. Also includes retailer listings by product type.

A photograph showing a group of men sitting at a table during the "Buffet Washington Hoo Hoo Club Shoreham Hotel May 23, 1951 Washington D.C." One of the men is annotated "Whitney Harris" in ink.

A promotional brochure printed by the NYTLA advertising the Retail Lumber Training Institute, a 30 day program to educate lumber trade employees about lumber products and the business of the lumber trade.

The menu for the NYLTA Club's third Christmas Party held at the Commodore on December 15th, 1923.

Members of the NYLTA playing tug-of-war at an event held at Long Beach, NY, on August 11, 1926.

Pages from John S. Hicks' ledger recording various business transactions occurring during late 1886 and early 1887.
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