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Birdsall &  Jackson, memorandum of agreement, Mar. 14, 1791.jpg
Memorandum of Agreement in which John C. Birdsall and Parmenus Jackson agree to partner in building a sawmill and making a mill dam in Birdsalls Swamp, which was located in Jerusalem (present-day Wantagh). Both men were residents of Jerusalem.

John C. Birdsall, statement of account, 1799.jpg
John C. Birdsall account statement for sawing planks and boards for Rulef Duryee. The total balance for work performed was 1 pound 8 shillings 10 1/2 pence. Note: Birdsall resided in Jerusalem, N.Y. (present-day Wantagh), where he ran a general storeā€¦

John C. Birdsall, bill for sawing planks, 1798.jpg
Bill for 2 shillings owed to John C. Birdsall for sawing boards for George Balden. Note: Birdsall, who lived in Jerusalem (present-day Wantagh), ran a general store and had an interest in a saw mill.
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