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4-7. Massapequa Inn, Oct. 19, 1916.jpg
Exterior view of the Massapequa Inn.

Massapequa, MF009.jpg
Exterior view of the Panchard restaurant, as seen from diagonally across the street. Text in upper righthand corner reads, “The Restaurant of Distinction, Panchard on the Merrick Road, Phone Massapequa 738.” [Sometimes called “Chez Panchard” or…

Manhasset, MF008.jpg
Exterior view of the Massapequa Inn, as seen from across its front lawn. (B&W)

Massapequa, MF007.jpg
Exterior view of the Wagon Wheel restaurant. Text on the bottom front provides brief information about the restaurant. (B&W)

Massapequa, MF006.jpg
Folded postcard with an exterior view of Olsen’s Inn & Motel on the cover. Inside there is information about Olsen’s and a map with an arrow pointing to its location. The verso has space for a message and addressee information. (B&W)

Four elephants standing in a row in the snow in either Amityville or Massapequa.

An exterior view of a building at Buck's Jungle Camp with people walking by.

A black-and-white photograph of a sailboat on the Great South Bay just off the beach at the Massapequa Hotel with guests watching from shore.

A black-and-white photograph of the bathing pavilion and beach at the Massapequa Hotel.

A black-and-white photograph of the Massapequa Hotel boathouse with a sailboat docked in front of it.
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