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Lawrence, LH001.jpg
Exterior view of Rock Hall Museum, which is a fully-furnished Georgian colonial landmark house. Note: The c.1767 date represents the year in which the structure was built. Two copies. (Color)

Oyster Bay, OJ026.jpg
View of the c.1851 Victorian master bedroom at the Raynham Hall Museum, which was the Townsend family home from 1738-1941. (Color)

Southampton, ST019.jpg
Interior view of a new addition, looking north, to the Parrish Art Museum. Pictured are a number of sculptures, including two titled “Madonna and Child.” The name “Miss Geffency” is written on the verso. (B&W)

Southampton, ST007.jpg
Exterior view of the Parrish Art Museum. (Hand-Colored)

Wantagh, WC021.jpg
View of the old railroad station and the "Jamaica" parlor car. Note: The date c.1884 represents the approximate year in which the railroad station was built. Two copies. (Color)

Centerport, CI008.jpg
View of the Vanderbilt Museum and landscaped grounds overlooking Northport Harbor. Printed text on verso provides information about the Vanderbilt Museum. (Color)

Southampton, ST010.jpg
Exterior view of Henry Austin Clark Jr.’s Long Island Automotive Museum, at Museum Square. Printed text on verso provides brief details about the museum. (Color)

Centerport, CI002.jpg
View of an informal garden adjoining the Vanderbilt Museum. Message and addressee information on verso. (Color)

Stony Brook, SY019.jpg
View of a whaleboat on the grounds of the Suffolk Museum. Printed text on verso provides details about history of the boat, which was left exposed to the elements of Arctic after the U.S.S. Polaris sank there in 1873. (Color)

Sag Harbor, SB014.jpg
View of the Sag Harbor Whaling and Historical Museum, as seen from the end of the driveway. A whaleboat is on the lawn, at left. Printed text on the verso provides a brief history of the museum. Note: Built in 1845, the building was originally the…
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