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4-6. Warner-Quinlan Company, Oceanside, Sep. 17, 1936.jpg
Overhead view of a Warner-Quinlan Company gasoline station, which has five gasoline pumps.

Oceanside, OD007.jpg
Advertising postcard with two views (one exterior, one interior) of Grotta Azzurra Restaurant. Caption on front of the card reads, “The Only Kitchen Dining Room on the Island.” Printed text on verso provides brief information about the restaurant.…

A business card for Pigeons Café, located in Oceanside, NY.

A pamphlet form public announcement printed by the Oceanside Board of Education in regards to a proposed new school building.

A photograph of the Sarah Doxsey House in Oceanside which Pearsall helped build.

A typewritten account of an interview conducted by Louis P. Pearsall with his great-grandfather, Oscar Terrell, about the history of Oceanside, NY.

A work reassignment slip from the Works Projects Administration ordering Louis P. Pearsall to report to Jones Beach State Park to work as a carpenter.

The front cover of a menu for the Roadside Rest restaurant.
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