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Freeport, FK036.jpg
Aerial view of Marks Restaurant on Woodcleft Avenue. Also pictured are surrounding buildings, boats, and part of the Woodcleft Canal. Handwritten message and addressee information on verso. Printed text on verso reads: “Marks Restaurant. Woodcleft…

Freeport, FK020.jpg
View of the Woodcleft Inn from across the Woodcleft Canal, which is lined by several boats on both sides. Date and signature on front of card and addressee information on back, all handwritten. (Color)

Freeport, FK009.jpg
Bird’s-eye view of the Woodcleft Canal, with a number of boats docked along it. There are houses across the street and a couple of buildings further down the canal. The postcard has a message on the front and addressee information on the back, both…
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