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Westbury, WN034.jpg
Advertising postcard featuring an interior view of the “Emerald Room” at the Olde Colony Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge. Printed text on verso provides brief details about the restaurant. Annotation on verso reads, “previous location of the Clam…

Amityville, AD016.jpg
View of the Alexandra Hotel on Merrick Road, as seen from across the street. Caption on front of card provides information about the hotel. (B&W)

Valley Stream, VA014.jpg
View looking down Avondale Street, which is lined by houses on both sides. Text (printed in red) on the front of the card reads, “This is one of the many streets of GIBSON’S BETTER VALUE HOMES At Valley Stream, L.I. Less than 30 minutes from Herald…

Great Neck, GI009.jpg
Advertising postcard with view of the Belgrave Motors, Inc. automobile dealership. There are a number of cars parked in the lot alongside the building. Typewritten message (in red ink) on verso describes a “Construction Sale” and provides information…

Great Neck, GI010.jpg
Advertising postcard with an exterior view of the Biener Auto Service Corp. building, which has a sign on it that reads, “Biener Pontiac.” Caption on front reads, “One of Long Island’s Largest Automotive Sales and Service Organizations.” Printed…

Westbury, WN032.jpg
Advertising postcard featuring a view of the dining room at Burt Bacharach’s Dover House restaurant. Printed text on verso provides brief details about the restaurant. (Color)

New Hyde Park, ND005.jpg
Advertising postcard featuring two images of the Canton House Cocktail Lounge, which was a Chinese restaurant. One image was of the exterior, and the other was of the interior. Vertically printed card with two images. Printed text on verso provides a…

Hempstead, HH081.jpg
Carpet Mart of Hempstead, Inc., advertising card featuring photograph of Mr. & Mrs. Guy Lombardo in a furnished and carpeted room. Printed on the verso is a message about a drawing to win a free carpet. Also on verso is typed addressee information.…

Rockville Centre, RE012.jpg
Two views of the Central Alinement Service shop. The top view (interior) depicts four cars in service bays and two mechanics at work. The bottom image (exterior) depicts the same four cars, as seen from shop’s driveway. Printed text on verso provides…

Advertising postcard with image of a large fruit bowl on the front. Also on the front is text that reads, “Charles & Dianne Balducci’s Fruit Bowl.” Additional text provides information about orders and delivery. Two copies. (Color)
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