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A brochure for the Jericho Atrium, an office building in Jericho, NY

An informational advertisement pertaining to modern construction techniques in home-building and how to increase the lumber industries' role in providing materials for home construction.

Alexander Campbell house marker, c.1920s.jpg
Alexander Campbell Milk Company house marker and advertisement cow figure. Text on item reads: "Alex. Campbell Milk Company. Standard for 50 Years."

Based in Brooklyn, the company had offices at a number of other locations, including Hempstead…

Advertisement for dynamite and supplies, Robert DeLap, Contractor, Dealer, June 1919.jpg
Advertisement for dynamite and supplies for use in blasting trees, stumps, or rocks, as well as for tree planting, or ditching. Robert DeLap is listed listed as "Contractor and Dealer." His office was located in Roosevelt, N.Y.
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