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Roslyn, RI023.jpg
View of Silver Lake (also known as Roslyn Pond), which is surrounded by houses and other buildings. Message and addressee information, both handwritten, on verso. (Color)

Bellport, BP012.jpg
View of the beach with a number of buildings along the shoreline. Part of the bay is seen at left. (B&W)

Lynbrook, LO025.jpg
View of an automobile, carriage, and machine works building, with a group of men lined up alongside it. Several automobiles are also pictured on the property. Note included with the postcard states that in a 1914 atlas, a “Lynbrook Carriage Works” is…

Rockville Centre, RE028.jpg
View of Village Avenue from South Boulevard, with commercial buildings on both sides of the street. Among the businesses pictured are Carman & Jenkins, at left, and Fisk Real Estate and Horton’s Ice Cream, at right. (Color)

Hempstead Block-by-Block Photographs 1-18.jpg
View of Publix Tire Co., southeast corner of Franklin and Bedell Streets.

Hempstead Block-by-Block Photographs 1-27.jpg
View of buildings on the north side of Front St., between Franklin and Main Streets. Pictured are Traub’s furniture (left) and Hempstead Flag Co. (Partyland).

Hempstead Block-by-Block Photographs 1-29.jpg
Albert Furniture Co. (for bedding) building, north side of Front Street, between Franklin and Main Streets.

Hempstead Block-by-Block Photographs 1-53.jpg
View of buildings on the north side of Fulton Ave., between Main and Franklin Streets. Pictured are Ansonia Shoes (at left), Brown’s, and Marthe Robet (partial view).

Hempstead Block-by-Block Photographs 1-58.jpg
View of the Empire Building, north side of Fulton Ave., between Main and Franklin Streets.

Hempstead Block-by-Block Photographs 1-63.jpg
View of Fisher-Beer Co., southeast corner of Fulton Ave. and N. Franklin St. (view from across Fulton St.) Note: Building later burned down.
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