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Stony Brook, SY012.jpg
View, looking north, of the Stony Brook Village Center, a business center created to resemble a colonial-style village. (B&W)

Stony Brook, SY003.jpg
View of the Stony Brook Village Center covered in snow. Printed text on verso reads: “Stony Brook Shopping Center. Built in 1941 to create a village of the early Republican era.” (Color)

Riverhead, RC024.jpg
Two images of different portions of Main Street. The image on the left is an exterior view of a commercial building in the business section, and the image on the right is a view looking down a residential portion of the street. Message and addressee…

Patchogue, PA022.jpg
View looking at the business center on Main Street. There are commercial buildings on both sides of the street, and there are a number of cars parked at the curbs. A few people can be seen walking on the sidewalks; a policeman is standing in the…

Massapequa, MF004.jpg
View of small commercial buildings in the business center. Message and addressee information, both handwritten, on verso. (B&W)

Bellmore, BO003.jpg
View of the business section on Bedford Avenue. Commercial buildings line both sides of the street; cars are parked at the curbs. (B&W)
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