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Constitution, By-Laws and Officers of the Long Island Farmers' Club, broadside, c.1890s.jpg
Broadside on which is printed the Constitution, By-Laws and Officers of the Long Island Farmers' Club. The object of the organization was to "promote the welfare of all engaged in the cultivation of the soil as a business."

Glen Head, GF003.jpg
View of the tree-lined entrance to the Glenwood Country Club. Note: Opened in 1911, the club was sold in 1914 and renamed “North Shore Country Club.” (B&W)

Oakdale, OC005.jpg
Exterior front view of the South Side Sportsmen’s Club building, which is partially obscured by trees. (Sepia)

Mastic Beach, MI001.jpg
Exterior view of the Mastic Beach Club House. Message and addressee information, both handwritten, on verso.

Massapequa, MF005.jpg
Exterior view of the New York City Municipal Club House, with a man and woman out in front. (B&W)

Manhasset, MC006.jpg
Two views of the Village Bath Club, one of the outdoor pool (inset, upper left) and the other of a dining room. Text printed on verso provides a brief description of the club. (Color)

Long Beach, LN019.jpg
View of the Long Beach West Club, with a few people walking on the sand out in front. (Color)

Freeport, FK014.jpg
View of the exterior of the Freeport Club building. There is a horse drawn cart at left, and two children, one sitting in a wagon, in front of the building. (Color)

Freeport, FK012.jpg
Vertically printed postcard with two images. The top image, “Near the Merrick Road,” depicts a man and two boys standing alongside an unidentified body of water. The bottom image, “Freeport Club,” depicts the exterior of the Freeport Club building.…

Atlantic Beach, AG005.jpg
Aerial view of the Nautilus Hotel and Beach Club and the surrounding area. A partial view of the beach is seen at bottom right. (B&W)
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