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Advertisement for a Roslyn to New York City stagecoach, Thomas Cornwell, proprietor, Aug. 24, 1848.jpg
Advertisement for the summer arrangement of a Roslyn to New York City stagecoach line, of which Thomas Cornwell was the proprietor. The morning stage left Roslyn at 6:00 a.m. and made stops at Manhasset, Great Neck, Little Neck, Flushing, and New…

Advertisement for George Wheeler, livery stable and stage line operator, May 30, 1885.jpg
Advertisement for George Wheeler, a livery stable and stage line operator, located in Northport, N.Y. Wheeler provided coaches for parties, funerals, and weddings. He also boarded horses by the day or month.

Hempstead, HH010.jpg
View of a horse drawn carriage with passengers for the Meadowbrook Hunt. The carriage is on the side of a road that is lined by a picket fence. A barn and other buildings are visible in the background. Message on the front and addressee information…
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