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Amityville, AD010.jpg
View of the Hathaway Inn (originally the New Point Inn), as seen from Great South Bay. (B&W)

Shelter Island, SL010.jpg
View of the New Prospect House Hotel (originally known as the Prospect Hotel), as seen from its wide curving driveway. (B&W)

Sea Cliff, SG019.jpg
Postcard featuring images of the Sea Cliff Theatre, the Artists’ Colony Hotel, and a view of Hempstead Harbor. Printed text on verso provides information about the theater and the Artist’ Colony Hotel, as well as details about nearby attractions.…

Blue Point, BR001.jpg
Advertising postcard featuring two views of Ye Anchorage Inn, one interior (inset) and one exterior. The exterior view is of the inn and several nearby buildings, as seen from across the road. Also pictured are a number of automobiles parked on the…

Riverhead, RC053.jpg
Exterior view of the Griffin House hotel. Message and addressee information, both handwritten, on verso. Note: The hotel was owned by Henry L. Griffin, and then by his son Hudson V. Griffin. Message and addressee information, both handwritten, on…

Long Beach, LN016.jpg
View of the Long Beach Hotel from the ocean. Message on the front and addressee information on the back, both handwritten. (Color)

Fishers Island, FE004.jpg
View of the Munnatawket Hotel and cottage buildings. (Color)

Fishers Island, FE001.jpg
Exterior view (partially obstructed by trees) of the Mansion House hotel, with a few people and a horse drawn cart out in front. (Color)

Patchogue, PA047.jpg
View of the exterior of the Old Oak Hotel building. Printed text on version provides information about the hotel. (Color)

Eastport, ES002.jpg
View of the Bayside Hotel and Cottages (at right), as seen from a road that runs along them. There are a number of buildings visible further down the road, in the distance. An oncoming horse drawn carriage is passing by the hotel. Message and…
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