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Joseph Birdsall business letter from Joseph Burr, 1767.jpg
Business letter from Joseph Burr to Joseph Birdsall, to whom Burr sold wholesale goods. In the letter, Burr requests that Birdsall come and "fetch the salt soon." He also mentions that he may able to obtain some rum should Birdsall want some.


Port Washington, PL029.jpg
Exterior view of the Victoria Hotel. Sign on the front of the hotel reads, “S. Liebmann’s Sons Wurzburger.” Message and addressee information, both handwritten, on verso. (B&W)

Port Washington, PL028.jpg
View looking north down Main Street, which is lined by commercial buildings on both sides. Plaza Stationery is pictured at left. A number of automobiles are pictured in the street and parked at the curb. (B&W)

A promotional thermometer produced by John De Mar's Service Station of Port Washington, NY
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