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Joseph Birdsall business letter from Joseph Burr, 1767.jpg
Business letter from Joseph Burr to Joseph Birdsall, to whom Burr sold wholesale goods. In the letter, Burr requests that Birdsall come and "fetch the salt soon." He also mentions that he may able to obtain some rum should Birdsall want some.


John C. Birdsall business letter from John Garner, 1812.jpg
Business letter from John Garner to John C. Birdsall, in which Garner writes about Parmenus Jackson's unwillingness to part with a particular lot unless Birdsall holds him to an agreement that they had made. Garner also mentions that lambs are…

A letter from the NY State Department of Corporations acknowledging that the Certificate of Report of Existence has been received and filed.

A letter explaining that laundry collection and delivery schedules will be changing to afford workers an extra day off.

A letter sent to "productive employees" detailing an increase in wages.

A typewritten notification about rate changes for laundry services provided by South Side Laundries, Inc.

A letter written to Captain Preston from a man looking for work as a Marine Engineer.

A letter written to Captain Preston from Darrow & Comstock in regards to a price quote on Plymouth Manilla rope.

A letter written to Captain Preston by the representative of the White Star Towing Company seeking his help in locating J.H. Ayers of Greenport, in order to recover payment on unpaid bills.

A letter written to Captain Preston by a man looking to hire on "good men" from Shelter Island, presumably to serve aboard a ship.
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