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Joseph Birdsall ledger page showing balance owed to him, circa 1780s.jpg
A ledger page showing the balances owed by a number of customers of Joseph Birdsall's general store. The total balance owed to him was 12 pounds, 10 shillings, and 10 pence. Note: Birdsall general store was in Jerusalem (present-day Wantagh), N.Y. He…

Joseph Birdsall ledger page (1) for account with Seaman & Lawrence, 1773-1774, 1784.jpg
Joseph Birdsall ledger pages for account with Seaman & Lawrence, a New York City merchant company, for the period from April 9, 1773, through July 16, 1774. There is also a page with "Errors Excepted" dated March 10, 1784. Note: Birdsall owned a…
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