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John Langdon receipt for payment made to Thomas Thirstan, 1721.jpg
John Langdon receipt for payment of seven shillings and nine pence made to Thomas Thirstan, "it being in full of all accounts bills & bonds & book debt[?]." The location listed at the top of the receipt was Jamaica [New York]. Note: Langdon operated…

Birdsall & Jackson receipt for purchase of clover seed from Townsend & Nostrand, 1811.jpg
Birdsall & Jackson receipt for four pounds, eighteen shillings, and two pence, for purchase of clover seed from Townsend & Nostrand. Note: Birdsall & Jackson was a general store in Jerusalem (present-day Wantagh), N.Y. It was operated by John C.…

A receipt from Darrow & Comstock, Ship Chandlers, Engineer, and Contractor Supplies.

A receipt from Elisha King, Dealer in Building & Fencing Materials.

A receipt from G.D. Boss & Son, Manufacturers of Fine Crackers and Biscuits.

A receipt from John I. Brower & Son, sellers of hardware and cutlery, nails, shovels, locks, hinges, screws, files, saws, etc.

John Jackson promise to pay to Capt. Gilbert Colden Willett-1, 1780.jpg
Promise to pay note in the amount of sixty pounds from John Jackson to Captain Gilbert Colden Willett. A notation on the bottom of the note states that the full amount was received from Joseph Birdsall of Jerusalem (present-day Wantagh) on…
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