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William Garner, Sr., receipt for purchase of clothing from Jacob Siedenberg, Mechant Tailor, 1873.jpg
Receipt for payment of $27.75 made by William Garner, Sr., to Jacob Siedenberg, Merchant Tailor, and Dealer in Hats, Caps and Gents' Furnishing Goods, at Hempstead, N.Y., for the purchase of clothing items. Note: Garner was a son of John Garner…

Huntington Plate & Window Glass Shop, receipt, 1929.jpg
Receipt from The Huntington Plate & Window Glass Shop for a glass and copper front set, sold to Mr. J. Cantwell. The receipt was for $260.00, which was the remaining balance owed on a charge of $510.00. The store was located at 300 New York Avenue.

F. & A.M. Bayles, receipt, November 1903.jpg
Receipt from F. & A. M. Bayles, Dealers in Coal, Wood, Hay, Grain, Etc., for charges totaling $98.68. Included were charges for coal, hay, oats, wood, kindling, and bran. The store was located at the corner of South Street and Railroad Avenue.

Gelman's Liquour Store, catalog, 1958.jpg
Cover of the Gelman Liquor Store catalog for 1959. Cover features an illustration of a group of men and women at a home bar. The 40 page catalog includes price lists, a gift guide, home bar layouts, and a vintage wine chart.

Long Beach, LN032.jpg
Image of a row of Old English shops on Block 116 as they would look after construction was completed. (Color)

Hempstead Photographs 1-71.jpg
Thomas J. Wylie Old Homestead Hotel. Sign on seconds floor reads: “S. Liebmann’s Sons. Rheingold Teutonic.”

hempstead Photographs 1-69.jpg
World War I military funeral? heading west on Fulton Avenue, towards Main Street. People are lined up along both streets to view the procession. The Hempstead Bank building is seen on the corner.
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