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Riverhead, RC014.jpg
Bird’s eye view of the Peconic River. There are a number of buildings near or on the shoreline. There are two sailboats docked near one of the buildings. Sender’s name on the front and addressee information on the back, both handwritten. (Color)

Riverhead, RC033.jpg
View of Grangebel Park and the Peconic River. At right, a man can be seen on a path that goes over the dam. Initials “M.F.” and addressee information on verso. Note: Grangebel Park was built by Judge Timothy M. Griffing and was named after his three…

Riverhead, RC019.jpg
View of the Peconic River, looking east from the water tower, at Riverhead. There commercial buildings and houses pictured on the left side of the river. (B&W)

Bayport, BI002.jpg
View of Brown’s River on which there a number of boats. There are also several buildings in the background at right. (B&W)

Patchogue, PA049.jpg
Aerial view of Bailey’s Mills and the Patchogue River. (B&W)

Center Moriches, CG009.jpg
View of the Riverside House hotel and Senekes Creek. the exterior of the multi-story building from across the river. Message and addressee information, both handwritten, on verso. Note: A 1915 atlas has the Riverside House west of Union Ave. on Senix…

Riverhead, RC047.jpg
View of the Peconic River, looking east. There are buildings along the shoreline, and a small oncoming boat is seen in the middle of the river. (Color)
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