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Wading River, WA001.jpg
View of road through camping area at Wildwood State Park. Printed text on verso provides details about the park, which was then under the jurisdiction of the Long Island State Park Commission (abolished in 1977). Message and addressee information,…

Lynbrook, LO018.jpg
View of the Five Points intersection (Hempstead Avenue, Merrick Road and Broadway) from Merrick Road. There is two-story building with a sign on it in the distance. Message on front and addressee information on back. Note: The intersection is also…

Huntington, HQ017.jpg
View looking down Fairview Avenue, which is lined by trees and houses on both sides. An oncoming automobile is pictured in the middle of the road. (Color)

Glenwood Landing, GG006.jpg
View looking down the State Road, with a house on the right and man walking in the road. An automobile can be seen further down the road, just past a branch in the road. H Handwritten message on verso. (Color)


Glen Cove, GE005.jpg
View looking down Main Street, which is lined by commercial buildings and trees on both sides. The following text is printed on the back of the card: “Private Mailing Card. Authorized by Act of Congress of May 1898. Postal Card — Card Postale.” (B&W)

Freeport, FK022.jpg
View looking down Merrick Road, looking west from Long Beach Ave. The road is lined by trees on both sides and houses on the right. Message and addressee information on verso, both typewritten. (B/W)

Farmingdale, FB001.jpg
View looking down Conklin Street, which is lined on both sides by trees and houses. There is a car parked on the left side of the street. (B&W)

Cold Spring Harbor, CL012.jpg
View looking down the Old Mill Dam Road (Huntington-Oyster Bay Highway/Rte. 25-A). The lower mill pond (St. John’s Lake) is at left, and St. John's Church is pictured a short distance down the road. Message and addressee information on verso. …

Bellmore, BO001.jpg
View of a steamroller driving down an unpaved portion of Bellmore Avenue. Handwritten message and sender's signature on front of card. (B&W)
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