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A matchbook from Ziegfeld's in Montauk, NY.

Robert Harrison - Long Island 3- 612.jpg
A photograph of a gravestone for Zachariah Greene. The inscription reads "Zachariah Greene Capt. Walerdiges Continental Troops Rev War 1760-1858." The gravestone is located at the Hempstead Village Green.

Taken in Floral Park, NY.

Young Facists Parade.jpg
The young fascist corps, called the “Figli della Lupa” Roman Wolf’s sons, carrying miniature rifles, shown parading past Mussolini.

A pin labeled "Young African Explorer's Club" produced in association with Frank Buck.

Garden City, GA003.jpg
Photo (at left) of a man tipping his hat to three ladies seated on a fence. At right, text reads: “You’ll find us a happy bunch at Garden City. Better join us.” The words “Garden City” appear in large print on a graphic of a sign. Message and…


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