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Alexander Campbell house marker, c.1920s.jpg
Alexander Campbell Milk Company house marker and advertisement cow figure. Text on item reads: "Alex. Campbell Milk Company. Standard for 50 Years."

Based in Brooklyn, the company had offices at a number of other locations, including Hempsteadā€¦

B.D. Biddlecom, advertising card, c.1890s.jpg
Advertising card for B.D. Biddlecom, a dealer in fine carriages, buggies, carts, sleighs, etc., on Main Street. (B&W)

Bank of Smithtown, advertising card, c.1940s.jpg
Advertising card for the Bank of Smithtown (Smithtown Branch). The image on the cover is of a snowy scene in which a man is walking ahead of a team of oxen pulling a sled that has a large tree in it. A house is pictured in the background. (Color)

A promotional key ring from Barash Oldsmobile in Freeport, NY.

Birdsall Post, receipt, Sep. 1895.jpg
Receipt from Birdsall Post, a general store at the corner of Fulton and Main Streets. The receipt, which was billed to the estate of James Cruickshank, was for the amount of $34.73.

A silver-plated fork from the Blue Spruce Inn in Roslyn, NY.

Languilete & Powell, auction notice, Oct. 1865.jpg
Broadside for an auction notice for a sale of wood "as it stands on 15 or 20 acres of land, situate on the Plain-edge at Woodbury, L.I.," by Languilete & Powell. The name "Isaac H. Jones, Woodbury, L.I." is printed at the bottom of the page. The dateā€¦

A glass beer bottle produced by Brock L Carroll Beer of Far Rockaway, N.Y.

A promotional shoehorn produced by D. Moss Shoes of Floral Park, NY
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