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4a  For Marcelo by Susan Perretti ENG.pdf
PDF version of "For Marcelo" by Herstory Writers Workshop author Susan Perretti comemorating the life of Marcelo Lucero who was murdered in Patchogue, NY by seven American youths.

Alexander Campbell house marker, c.1920s.jpg
Alexander Campbell Milk Company house marker and advertisement cow figure. Text on item reads: "Alex. Campbell Milk Company. Standard for 50 Years."

Based in Brooklyn, the company had offices at a number of other locations, including Hempstead…

Alexander Storman Scrapbook Collection Finding Aid.pdf
The finding aid for the Alexander Storman, 1916-1968. Scrapbook, 1948-1957 Collection

A business card for April Grace, a Mid-Eastern dancer.

Long Island Photograph Collection 9-29.jpg
Architectural rendering of an unidentified building. The rendering was created for W. Thomas Schaardt, by T. Pepper.

A business card for the Bear Telephone Corp. The name on the card is Richard Baylis.

A business card for the Company H 119th NY Volunteers Historical Assoc., a military reenactment group.

A business card for Faces by Krissy, a beautician.
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