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A letter received from C.H. Duryea of the Minneapolis Flour Company regarding their inability to adjust flour prices for the Woodward Bros. in the future.

A letter from the Meriam & Morgan Paraffin Co. regarding shipping of merchandise to Captain Preston.

A letter written to Captain Preston from a crewman accepting a position aboard the ship of a Captain Bawdrich sailing out of New London, CT.

A letter written to Captain Preston clarifying the parameters of a yacht crewman's job.

A letter written to Captain Preston from a man looking to sign on as a member of a fishing boat crew.

A letter written in regards to payment of a balance due by D. Webb (?) to William H. Nelson.

A letter written to Willian H. Nelson by unidentified person.

A personal letter pertaining to the housing and room and board of a child, written by Isiah Dibble to John Hedges.

A thank you letter from the Prime Minister of Israel, Golda Meir, to William J. Levitt composed on 12/14/1970.
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