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Freeport, FK036.jpg
Aerial view of Marks Restaurant on Woodcleft Avenue. Also pictured are surrounding buildings, boats, and part of the Woodcleft Canal. Handwritten message and addressee information on verso. Printed text on verso reads: “Marks Restaurant. Woodcleft…

Freeport, FK035.jpg
Exterior view of a building in the business section of Fulton Street. Businesses in the building are Thomas Johnston Laboratories and an automobile garage. Message on the front, addressee information on verso, both handwritten. (B&W)

A promotional key ring from Barash Oldsmobile in Freeport, NY.

A program for a performance of "The Pirates of Penzance" put on by the Freeport Community Choral.

The front cover of a menu for the Schooner restaurant.

The front cover to a menu for Guy Lombardo's East Point House restaurant.

The interior of a menu for Dan's Yankee Clipper restaurant.

Robert Harrison - Long Island 2-295.jpg
An image of Power Plant No. 2 located in the Village of Freeport.


Robert Harrison - Long Island 1-289.jpg
A photograph of the Freeport electric power plant no. 2 sign.


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