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An advertising flyer featuring "Betty Best, your professional laundry foundation representative."

A flip-page calendar-style roster containing lists of members, officers, and committees in the New York Lumber Trade Association for the year 1926. Also includes retailer listings by product type.

A poster advertising the NYLTA Circus entitled "Eats and Feats" held at Delmonico on the Lot.

The menu for the NYLTA Club's third Christmas Party held at the Commodore on December 15th, 1923.

An informational advertisement pertaining to modern construction techniques in home-building and how to increase the lumber industries' role in providing materials for home construction.

A promotional brochure printed by the NYTLA advertising the Retail Lumber Training Institute, a 30 day program to educate lumber trade employees about lumber products and the business of the lumber trade.

A brochure for the Jericho Atrium, an office building in Jericho, NY
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