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A receipt issued to the Woodward Bros. from the Antilles Coffee Co. in New York City.

A receipt from F.W. Holt & J.S. Fitch issued to Giles Harris for casks of lime.

A promotional mailer sent by Joseph P. Day, Real Estate agent to unnamed recipient on March 10, 1939 pertaining to estates up for sale.

Eastport, ES003.jpg
View of the exterior of the summer home of Mr. Ira D. Sankey. (B&W)

A letter written to Captain Preston inquiring whether he'd like to be included in a directory of the Atlantic Coast to be published by the R. L. Polk & Co. Directory Publishers.

Riverhead, RC034.jpg
View looking down East Main Street. there is a house at left and a partial view of a body of water at right. Message on the front and addressee information on the back, both handwritten. (B&W)

A playbill for a performance of "sacred hymns and wordlie songs" at the "Methody Meeting House."
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